Osho Tapoban Publication

Under the initiative & will of Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun to make Osho Books as affordable as possible, Osho Tapoban has been publishing Osho Books under the mission "Osho Books at the Cost Price". Since it's start in 2014, Tapoban has now published a total of 130 Osho Books in English and Hindi language which are available at print cost price. You can find a copy of these books at Osho Centers associated with Osho Tapoban all over the world.

Books By Swami Anand Arun

Swami Anand Arun is the first Nepali Osho Disciple & founder of Osho Tapoban. He is also the Acharya of Osho Tapoban, Osho Upaban & Osho Jetban. He is also a writer and orator. His books Santa Darshan, Santha Gatha, Antaryatra, Panchaseel, Lone Seeker Many Master, In Wonder With Osho & Osho Acchamma Jo Maile Dekhe are best-sellers.

Osho Sandesh Magazine

Osho Sandesh is the first and only Nepali Osho Magazine which is published from Osho Upaban. It is a yearly magazine covering the Osho events happening in Nepal. Till the date there are 12 issues of the magazine. You can find a copy of these magazines at Osho Tapoban & Osho Upaban.

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