Osho Bhakti Meditation Camp – 1/2/3 November 2019



Osho Upaban invities friends from all over the world to participate in the upcoming 3 Days Residential Meditation Camp at Osho Upaban Spiritual Village, Dovilla, Pokhara-17, Nepal. The Camp will be facilitated by Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun. The dates for the meditation camp are 1-3 November 2019 starting from 31st October 2019 evening (15-17 Kartik 2076- starts 14th Kartik 2076 evening).
The weather is very comfortable in Upaban around this time of year. But be sure to bring some pair of warm clothes like light jackets, sweaters, Shawls etc as per your need and a torch light. 
There are enough accommodation service for about 100 peoples so be sure to reserve your seat in meditation camp by booking in advance. For booking and further more information about the meditation camp, contact us on any of the following.
Contacts :
Phone : 00977-9846025478 (Swami Yoganand){Available also On Viber/ Whatsapp }
            00977-9840600056 (Swami Bodhi Basanta){Available also On Viber/ Whatsapp }
            00977-9846124686 (Ma Prem Bhagawati){Available also On Viber}
Email :  [email protected]
Facebook : www.facebook.com/oshoupabancommune