Osho Upaban is dedicated to the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), the unique enlightened master of 20th century. He envisioned a new human, Zorba The Buddha, one who partakes joyously in the material world while, at the same time, pursuing inner silence and self-transformation.

Osho invented around six hundred scientific meditation techniques that are the keys to the deeper meditative experience, and introduced the concept of “dynamic meditation”. His talks are recorded in 700 books and 21,000 hours of audio and video discourses that give practical insight into the problems of contemporary man and his quest to peace and joy.

The Osho movement that began in the 1960s heralded a wake of renaissance in the spiritual world. During his lifetime, he initiated millions of sanyasins and inspired more than five hundred meditation centers all around the globe. When he left his body, Osho clearly stated that he would dissolve his energy into his dedicated disciples and continue his work through them.

However, after his Mahaparinirvan, Osho’s message was twisted to meet the vested interest of a small group of people who wanted to establish him as a mere philosopher rather than a compassionate enlightened Master. His discourses were edited to created a certain ambiguity in the Osho community, wherein forcing many of his communes and centers to close. Osho’s mala, his pictures, the Gacchami prayer, which Osho had clearly stated as his major esoteric devices to connect with his cosmic consciousness; were banned and discouraged.

Amidst this chaos in the Osho movement, Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun, established Osho Tapoban in the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal and reestablished Osho’s work, as envisioned by Osho himself. Arun Swamijee, started taking meditation camps around the world, carrying Osho’s love and compassion, to those who were receptive. In Swamijee’s loving presence, millions have had an opportunity to experience Osho’s alive energy and his unending compassion.

Arun Swamijee has established 132 Osho centers and communes across the world and helping people to reconnect with Osho’s vibrant energy. Osho Upaban is one amongst them.

Osho Upaban is the expression of the love and compassion between the master and disciple, as is manifested in the Osho Upanishad (Osho’s Samadhi) with Osho and Arun Swamijee’s statues.

Osho said that love and surrender is the foundation of the master/disciple relationship and referred to it as the MAD (Master And Disciple) game. Osho Upaban is the thriving manifestation of the same statement.

Jay Osho! Jay Arun Swamiji !!