Swami Anand Arun






Osho Upaban is inspired by Bodhisattwa Swami Anand Arun. He has given direct supervision and idea for the realization of our dream of Osho Upaban.

He was born on 16 July 1944. His parents are respected figure of Nepalese Society. Since his very childhood, he was interested in spirituality. On 21 March 1969, he met Acharya Rajneesh in Patna when he was still an engineering scholar. On 11 Oct 1974, he took initiation into Osho Neo-Sannyas after completing engineering studies and dedicated his life into his Master’s work from then. As Osho instructed, he returned to Nepal and on 21 December 1974 he started Asheesh Rajneesh Meditation Center at Tahachal, Kathmandu, the first Osho meditation centre in Nepal which became the epicentre of Osho’s Message and works in the future. On 21 March 1990, he established Osho Tapoban which has become home for many seekers and the very base of the Osho Work across the world.

“I am only a seeker on the path and I am honored to be his disciple. And I don’t need any other adjective other than that. I am only an ardent lover of Osho.”
–Swami Anand Arun