What type of organization is Osho Upaban?(profit-oriented?/government?/missionary?)

A: Osho Upaban is An International Commune and meditation Center. It is a non-profit organization and operated as per the vision of Osho. Osho Upaban is Spiritually connected with Osho Tapoban.

Who runs Osho Upaban?

A: Osho Upaban is run by a group of sanyasins under the guidance of Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun.

Who can come to Osho Upaban?

A: Osho Upaban is meant purely for the seekers of the inner path. The seekers interested in meditation ,peace, beauty and nature can come to Upaban. Anyone can come for a day and stay for a lifetime!

For how long can we stay at Upaban?

A: You can stay as long as you wish. For tourists, as long as the visa permits.

Is there a need for reservation / booking?

A: Yes, reservation will help us to make arrangements for your comfortable stay. Reservation are specially required for residential camps as they are generally booked in advance.  You can make a reservation via email or by calling us in advance.

email: [email protected], facebook: Osho Upaban Spiritual Village
Contact numbers : +977-9846025478,+977-9840600056,+977-9846832619, +977-061-692030,+977-9846124686

What do we have to bring while we stay at Upaban ?(Anything Extra?)

A: We provide all the basic needs for accommodation. But you can bring a Torch Light so that it will be easy for you to walk safely in the night. An umbrella will also be a good option as it frequently rains here specially in spring.

Can we bring children with us?

A: Avoid bringing children below 10 years old. But, if you bring them then you must make arrangements that they do not disturb you and others in the commune, otherwise they are most welcome. You can either bring a babysitter.

Can we stay at Osho Upaban for non-meditative purpose?

A:  We also provide space for purely retreat purpose, provided the individual/ group pays for their living. However, the true beauty of the commune is unleashed only after meditation

Can we bring alcohol?

A: Alcohol is not permitted here. Alcoholic drinks or drugs are not permitted according to the rule of the commune. Here we get drunk with the divine 🙂

What about food?

A: The cuisine will be lacto-vegetarian and prepared with local, fresh and often organic food. Vegan and gluten-free alternatives are available and the menu can be planned to suit special requirements and specific needs (i.e. special allergy or dietary restrictions). Lunches and dinners are served to the table ‘home-style’ which enhances the convivial atmosphere. The wholly vegetarian menu is guaranteed to be mouth-watering for everyone, even those less accustomed to vegetarian cuisine.

Are there any communication facilities? Internet /e-mail?

A: Osho Upaban has the facility for distant and local calls. Internet and email facilities are provided for guests staying here at a reasonable cost. WIFI access can be purchased on per day basis from the office.

Who is the coordinator? Can we meet the coordinator?

A: Bodhisattwa Swami Anand Arun; an intimate disciple of Osho and the initiator of Osho movement in Nepal coordinates Upaban. He is a published author and camp conductor who travels around the globe throughout the year,  and divides his time between the communes in Nepal. You can meet him personally after taking an appointment from the Osho Upaban staffs when he is here.

How can you help the Ashram?

A: Osho Upaban appreciates help of any kind that you can provide us, may that be money, assets, creative skills or simply your laughter!

What about the library?

Osho Upaban has a library with almost entire Osho Literature in Hindi, English, audio, Video. You can study these or lease for the duration of your stay. Besides Osho literature, we also have an archive of  literature from other masters and religions.

How to contact us?

A:You can contact us in the following address.
Osho Upaban, Dobilla, Pokhara Lekhnath -17 , Nepal
Cell: +977-9846025478,+977-9840600056
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

How to get to Osho Upaban?

A: Osho Upaban is about 6 kilometers from the Pokhara Airport and also around 7 km from Pokhara Buspark. You can take a taxi from the Airport. From bus park, you get bus taking you directly to Osho Upaban, Dobilla in regular intervals of 30 minutes.
As for directions, you can search us on google maps as name Osho Upaban International Spiritual Village or simply click the link Osho Upaban @ Google Maps


Do we have work-and-stay program?

At the moment, Osho Upaban is handful with required no of staffs and members. So, We currently do not have any work-and-stay program.