About The Commune

OSHO Upaban

Osho Upaban, is a dreamland of Osho. It was established in the year 2010 A.D. by Bodhisattwa Swami Anand Arun for spreading Spiritual Master Osho’s vision of Zorba The Buddha. Zorba is the representation of physical world and the Buddha is the representative of spiritual life.
Upaban is an natural island bordered by two rivers, the Seti and the Mandakini (famously called Fusre). It is situated at 20 minutes drive from the Pokhara airport and also Pokhara Buspark. The commune is connected to Pokhara city with a metal road and is only about 6 kilometers away from the main city of Pokhara.
In Nepali, Upaban means garden and this commune is truly an beautiful garden of Osho, overseeing Annapurna Mountain range from where one can enjoy an panoramic view of the 120 Km of mountain range including Macchapucchre(Fishtail). With its fresh and luxurious new buildings and creative architecture, the commune is a perfect blend of modern life and nature.
Apart from the rivers and mountains, the commune is also bordered by lush green forest hill on one edge while the high rising gorges on the other side of the Seti River form dramatic scenery of almost surreal landscape. In addition to this the commune is also connected to natural swimming pool formed by the flowing water of the Mandakini River that the visitors at the commune can enjoy at any time.
Upaban welcomes visitors from all part of the world for experiencing spiritual life with modern facilities.


Famous as Nepal’s lake city, Pokhara is one of the top tourist destinations on the globe and is called the ‘jewel of the mid-west’. Apart from the breathtaking lakes and mountains the city also offers beautiful caves, waterfalls, deep canyons and ravines. It is one of the cleanest cities of Nepal and is the ultimate destination for relaxation. In recent years, the valley has also grown various adventures sport such as mountain trekking, paragliding, ultra-light flights, rock climbing, rafting etc. With boating, bird watching, trekking and mountain biking as the other attractions, Pokhara has it all.